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3D Visualisation

3D Modeling/Pre-visualisation

Trying to Visualise your new home through a set of printed technical drawings is not always easy, especially if you are not used to reading these types of drawings. That’s why we offer high quality photorealistic 3D imaging & video of your home to be.

Receiving these 3D visuals along with your technical drawings of your home can go along way in helping you to see your vision become a reality, our 3D images can perfectly capture your home to be, offering both external & internal renderings of the dwelling for both domestic and commercial projects. 3D walkthrough videos allow you to further bring your project to life. They are the best way to view projects before any works commence, allowing estate agents to sell property, developers and residents to get a realistic view of the finished site, interior designers and home owners to see the finished project.

Everything from a village to a bedroom can be turned into a 3D animated movie.

3D Modeling/Pre-visualisation

3DS Planning Consultants Ltd. now also offers 3D printed models for domestic & commercial projects. Get an even deeper understanding of your build by having a model you can hold, take apart and swap around to give you a feel for the space you will be occupying. All our models are printed to appropriate scale and can be furnished, coloured and moveable. These models can even make a nice display for your home once built.